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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 23, 2018

At the age of six Avilone looked up at her Mother gathering strength to ask her what were the fluffy clouds around trees and bushes. From a young child, this young inquiring girl began to understand what she was often seeing, that others didn't and that wasn't easy being and feeling different from other young girls.  Over the years she developed a deeply personal relationship, with her Inner Guidance that directed her toward the special and unique journey that unfolded. Avilone’s strong calling to help others culminated in becoming a nurse, fulfilling that desire in a conventional way, while earning a Master's Degree along the way. Knowing there was more to healing than within a traditional pathway it was time to become intimately involved with energy healing.  Through the many experiences along her metaphysical journey, Avilone became adept at perceiving energy using her unique gifts to help people. During this podcast Avilone answers this and other questions ‘just how do you learn to tune into your inner guidance; and how can fear ‘just fall away.’ Furthering her in-depth exploration of working with and understanding how stored energy affects each person, has lead to this healer to found Emotional Relief Catalyst, a no-touch energy healing modality which can be conducted by remarkably, the phone or internet. Sessions are not about re-living anything, which many modalities adopt.  On her website there are two free audios listeners can download here’s one is "7 Minute Reset to Relaxation": Through her sessions many people have been freed from the stuck or stored emotions within their energy fields that interfered with their ability to experience a healthy and fulfilling life.