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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 26, 2018

Barbera Aimes was a successful entrepreneur when a pesky cold turned into adrenal failure overnight. She almost died. Fighting for her life in intensive care the diagnosis came back: AIDS. How had a middle-aged woman, faithfully married for 18 years contracted AIDS? It wasn’t until two years later she discovered the answer, which shocked her to her core rocking her entire world. On a day they now both refer to as “truth day”, Barbera’s husband confessed it was his secret life that had brought the virus into the relationship almost killing his wife. While he was deflated in shame and humiliation she could barely contain her outrage, pain, and utter confusion. But something happened. She looked past her pain and saw the courage and deep love her husband had exhibited. Realizing that blame and resentment would only keep her from fulfilling the vision she had for her life and Barbera knew she had to find a way to forgive - herself, not him! Listen to this podcast to discover how they moved forward. It’s powerful. Their willingness to stay and work through the pain allowed them both to experience huge personal growth that led to re-discovering the love and connection they shared. This experience was the catalyst that enabled Barbera to get over her fear, own her worth and finally find and live her purpose: helping others from moving from their worst moment into a life of using their talents helping others. Based on her experiences, Barbera created a free gift for listeners, go to