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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jan 28, 2018

Mitch Russo was handed a second chance at life which was a special experience that he will never forget. In his earlier life while in a rock band where drugs became a way of life his over use of drugs nearly killed him. But through the grace of God, he was handed a second chance. He took it, and went on fulfil one of his life missions, which was to create a company that would last forever and serve many.

Starting in his garage, that company became Timeslips Corp, which grew to over $10M in sales. He sold that company and went on to create a new company with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes called Business Breakthroughs International, but sadly Chet passed away.  Not wanting to be affected by the sadness Mitch went on write his #1 Amazon Best Seller; The Invisible Organisation. 

Today working from home Mitch’s focus is on his clients helping them to succeed using the tools he’s developed over the years to create various Certification Programs. Now his new accountability system is helping people all over the world, find and maintain powerful accountability relationships. This is where you team up with someone who has the same goals as you and who could hold you accountable to break through to the results you want. You can learn more on this program here 

Mitch has generously offered 30 days of full access to his new software (use the code Winner) for matching accountability partners and helping them finish what they started.