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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jun 13, 2018

Beverley became determined to dedicate her life’s work to alleviating mental disorders caused by trauma; now she’s achieved that with documented scientific evidence being released now. The attempted rape experience triggered off flashbacks of horrendous abuse as a child, which had been locked away in her deep sub-conscious. Those flashbacks caused extreme anxiety/panic/depression; the psychiatrists said she was hallucinating and prescribed heavy medication. Finally able to get collaboration for some of her flashbacks, she knew what she saw was real, but the medical model could not provide answers, and this became the trigger to search for a way to get well. It took 10 years. A story of sheer tenacity and perseverance, Beverley researched, attended conferences on PTSD and volunteered for 7 years in mental health organisations. Listen to Beverley’s podcast as she describes a profound meeting she had that became the catalyst for her to develop a 9 step formula called ‘My Envisioned Mind’ (My.EM) which now many people have experienced positive results. She set up a Not for Profit organisation where her goal was to give free therapy after hearing a cry for help from returning soldiers (more have died from suicide than killed in the war), but was told as her ‘My.EM’ approach was not an evidence-based therapy, it could not be used. Tenacity kicked in again so in her 70th year, Beverley along with a PhD student from Fielding University set out to prove that 10 hours with ‘My.EM’ worked. They did that. Learn more here: Having proof and documented scientific evidence her goal now is to reach out to soldiers and emergency workers who are suffering from PTSD.  Get your free eBook and reduced program for PTSD sufferers.