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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Aug 4, 2018

Professor Brian Wilson says John E. Fetzer was a fascinating man who kept himself mentally alert and young by constantly exploring anything new and is why Brian wrote about him in the book ‘Quest for the New Age’. But that’s not the only reason. As professor of American religious history in the Department of Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Brian explored John Fetzer’s as he had two extremely contrasting sides to his life. A media mogul and the owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball team for almost thirty years beginning in 1956, when he died John Fetzer was one of the wealthiest people in the US. But the other side Professor Wilson says, is the most interesting aspect one that was not well known – John’s life-long spiritual search that led him from traditional forms of Christianity to an exploration of a variety of metaphysical religions culminating in the New Age a term that was just beginning to emerge. The result of Brian’s search was Fetzer ultimately used his wealth to found the Kalamazoo-based Fetzer Institute which funds programs exploring the power of love and forgiveness to help build the spiritual foundation for a loving world. The other, Fetzer Memorial Trust, which remains, committed to Fetzer’s vision of a new spiritual science by funding cutting-edge research into the frontiers of physics, biology, and consciousness.  This remarkable man followed these 3 principles and suggested that everyone adopt them as they move toward midlife and 50 looms large.  ‘Step Out of Your Mind,’ Keep Connected to Other People & Be Sure to Have Close Friends to Connect & Converse With doing these three things Will Keep You Young, Alive & Mentally Alert”. To learn more go to the website