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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 30, 2018

Bryan Renslow found that! The death of a loved one creates a myriad of emotions for everyone affected. For Bryan recalling his Mother’s voice - the only recording he had was a brief one on the answering machine. He wanted to find a way to mitigate the pain of her loss. When the immediate shock dissipated he began to think how can he store memories, the treasures relating to his Mother that will allow other family and friends to also enjoy, perhaps even add to. An out-dated photo album was not a solution, and social media wasn’t either. That dilemma stayed with him until Bryan came up with the idea of creating Living Family History, a website to which others can add - an online home for families to store and share their experiences. But one major hurdle existed. Websites are very different from tiles and countertops - successful businesses that he had previously owned. By having to learn a new set of skills and find new experts to help him he learned websites are never truly finished, there’s always one more thing to fix, something to remove or add. Bryan’s natural perfectionism became a liability on this venture as he spent more time than expected watching YouTube tutorials learning how to build a website which is live now – everyone can help add to it choose a package and use code Podsave20. During this process Bryan says big lessons he learned were: 1) assess yourself honestly, realistically, know when you need help, 2) visualize the final product, and 3) understand that energy is finite (pace yourself certainly when you’re a mature age person).