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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Aug 12, 2018

Shortly after retiring Deb began thinking what she wanted to do next, and it didn’t take long for an idea to emerge.  Inspiration can emerge from any day-to-day activity just keep your ‘senses’ open, and watching a TV Program “Say Yes to the Dress” she said, “I love weddings, I love cosplay (costume play), am a self-proclaimed “geeky girl,” I love sci/fi, comic book, fantasy, steam punk, all vastly different from her former job as a Senior Executive with the US Federal Government. Not wasting time, Deb researched wedding officiants in her area, and discovered there was a void for couples interested in cosplay for weddings.  Studying she became ordained as a wedding officiant, then combined her love of weddings and cosplay then started her company, An Unusual Affair, LLC, focusing on creating unusual ceremonies, but she did include traditional wedding ceremonies and writing custom wedding ceremonies. Cosplay is dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game. Deb has 4 tips for those seeking a new pursuit:  do what you love but with a twist!  There may be others doing something similar, find a new or unusual way to do it! Look for customers in unlikely places; don’t be afraid to get out there and tell people what you do and why you love it!  She attends Oddmall and themed festivals like Wizard World/Comic Con, where the clientele like cosplay, and who one day may get married! Deb travels all over Ohio performing wedding ceremonies, and today this lover of unusual affairs offers a broader array of services, see her website, for traditional, LGBTQ, cosplay wedding ceremonies and other cosplay events: gender reveals for babies, proposals, prom dates, reaffirming vows.