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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Aug 22, 2018

A business, management and publishing expert with more than 20 years experience based on his bestselling books, Dr Lussier has been a prolific author of 444+ publications a remarkable achievement.  His innovative insights help those succeed in entrepreneurial ventures, especially those over 50, as they are uniquely poised to understand the burgeoning and lucrative Boomer Economy.  Dr Lussier has been published in many academic journals and numerous other journals. Testament to all that over one million people globally have used his 12 publications, entrepreneur, business leadership and team building books, earning him an unsurpassed national and international reputation as an author and keynote speaker. He has helped hundreds of institutions and individuals in over 75 countries.  His most recent book ‘Publish Don't Perish, The Top Secrets to Get Published' helps academics and aspiring authors do just that. During this podcast Dr. Lussier discusses these 3 topics: 1) The most important ingredient for success (failed startups overlook this!), 2) The 5 keys of a successful startup, and 3) Avoiding the 3 main failure factors. You can learn more here and also contact Dr. Lussier at: