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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 29, 2018

Dwayne Rowland says it’s intriguing how creative opportunities can occur in life yet few people take them up - unexpected opportunities, which can change your life if you grasp them. It all began with a casual conversation, between the CEO of a very well known international airline and Dwayne, a builder in Australia. Having no idea how to dispose of good but now unused uniforms, many corporations are in the same position as the airline CEO. Textiles are a major environmental problem. Dwayne’s fertile mind went into gear and soon he was talking with many different people and organisations about an idea he had and one key goal emerged, he had a vision where he wanted to create an infinite loop joining social and environmental issues, where the environment and everyone involved benefitted. Realising he needed a workforce to turn his idea into reality, this creative chap turned to groups who helped domestic violence victims, prisoners, and long term unemployed - all became involved, they were paid, and began feeling happier reconnecting with society. But one key part remained how to turn his first order of 15 tonnes of corporate uniforms into Teddy Bears for sick and needy children now. His workforce went into action and created the little teddy bears so anyone can buy a bear and change a life. You can learn more here That’s happened now but trying to keep up with the countless corporations who want their uniforms turned into teddy bears is difficult; larger equipment is needed plus an expanded workforce to make more Teddy Bears. This is a wonderful example and outcome to occur from a fleeting opportunity, a good lesson!