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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 14, 2018

Eddie Lees mind produced some insightful thoughts when he was coming out of an aesthetic - from drama to serious reality to very creative thinking and that’s when he conceived his new business idea of creating a ‘now sorted’ platform. Having been a superannuation consultant for years he knew his life had to change and he had to change his priorities. For anyone reaching the 50-age milestone, everyone needs to address his or her priorities in life and work suggests Eddie. Given Eddie’s emergency heart surgery he realised if he died, his wife would have no idea where all their very important documents were kept. Most people are in the same boat.  He was undecided what to do so he started thinking, is there a problem I can solve, is there something I keep complaining about or others complain about that I could solve; is there an issue I can solve that will make a person’s life more simpler, or is there a way I can give back someway?  All valuable questions, which helped Eddie resolve to develop a program into an online industrial-strength app for storing a person’s critical information plus it produces a Crucial Facts Report & Directory that integrates everything and summarises it in a few pages. There’s a 2 month free trial and useful checklists under Now Sorted dot com - Goodies, Knowledge Base and Useful downloads. The entire program is Australian based.  Eddie’s tips for others is to remember it takes a long time to be an overnight success; that success is not a straight line and the value of a quiet walk where ‘listening’ is paramount.