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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Feb 27, 2018

Don Allison Says what awaits us after death is mankind’s greatest unanswered question.

Until his 50s Don didn’t pay much attention to death.  But after purchasing a historic house and having continual, intelligent contact with apparent spirits – and having similar encounters at the historic Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Don realized he had a calling to explore life beyond our earthly existence and to share his findings with the world.

What awaits us after death is perhaps mankind’s greatest unanswered question, one more pressing as we age.  As it turns out, what follows our life on this earth isn’t a total mystery. The answers – at least some of them – are there if we pay attention.

Exploring the paranormal enthralled this award-winning journalist, and he soon learned that paranormal simply means beyond normal explanation. As a long time publisher of history books, at 57, Don semi-retired as a daily newspaper editor to delve into this intriguing topic. His initial book on the topic is “I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: A Journalist’s Journey Into the Paranormal,” and he is now working on a follow-up.

Initially facing the fear of rejection and ridicule when he wrote about and began lecturing on the paranormal Don began to find most people are open to the idea of a form of life after death. Many people have had their own paranormal experiences, and since Don has explored this topic so deeply he’s helped others realize what happened to them is real, and they’re not crazy. Listeners can learn more at  Realising we are connected with those who went before, and that they can teach and even entertain us, Don is now on an exciting new journey - where that’s heading ... only time will tell.