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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Feb 15, 2018

Alan Stevens Asks how many people reach 50 only to realise they’ve lived their life to other people’s expectations and needs? Alan realised that on his 50th birthday he had not fulfilled his dreams. That ‘Ah Ah’ moment came when he decided to change his focus to himself, which he quickly says is not being selfish.

Sounding like a fictional journey rather than being real, he took a big about turn, one that many people ache to do but are afraid of doing. From motorbikes to free fall sky diving to his spiritual journey into Aboriginal Lore on to studying Massage, Aromatherapy, Sound and Colour Therapies, Alan has had an eternal fascination of why people do what they do. So he set about gaining other new skills to enable him to read a person’s personality, emotions and character all from their non-verbal language.

Achieving all that he’s trains teachers in USA Europe and Australia how to use sound and colour therapies with children with ADHD, and to use the same skills to improve teacher’s lives and those of their students. Alan talks about designing the first profiling mobile app designing Professional Development online courses to help others work on a similar path. Highly sought after around the world as an International Profile and Communications Specialist you can learn more from the website in his own name.

Listing to this Podcast you will come to realise Alan is a fascinating chap who says now his joy comes from spending his days in service to others but on his rules and terms, which has freed his mind and soul.