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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jan 21, 2018

Joie Seldon says growing up in a dysfunctional family was for her and is for anyone a tough, painful environment in which to grow up! Somehow children survive yet scarred but become young adults and then along the way they may find a calling.

Joie went on a personal growth quest to release the pain and insecurities she suffered as a young adult. By her mid-forties she achieved what she had longed for. But something else was calling. When Joie was forty-nine a fateful meeting with a spiritual counselor set her on a completely unexpected path as an emotion educator. 

 The counselor posed a question to Joie, which took her breath away - it would take most people’s breath away.  Many people ignore the unexpected potentially positive happenings in their life, how Joie identified and dealt with this experience is a moving message for everyone.

Dedicating the second half of her life to demystifying emotions Joie teaches women and men how to utilize them as a powerful tool for creating success in their career and personal life.  Her recently published book, “EMOTIONS: an Owner’s Manual” can be found on most major book sites.

Whether it stems from a larger conflict, a difficult relationship, or a bad boss, so much stress and pain people experience in their lives, especially in relationships, stems from a common issue – the lack of understanding and skill in handling one’s emotions.

Over time Joie Seldon developed a system of teaching people how to experience, understand and express their feelings successfully. She is a trainer, speaker, author and leadership coach and her new book Emotions is without doubt an ‘owner’s manual’.