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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Feb 26, 2018

Dr Karen Phillip has clients all over the world and as a recognised Counselling Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Parenting and Relationship Expert she frequently appears in all forms of media also around the world. 

At a turning point in her life when Karen wanted to change the way she ran her practice, so she could ‘Future Pace Herself’ she knew what she wanted but was unsure how to achieve it, as it involved a whole new foreign world. Wanting to reach and help more people she pondered her dilemma.

A turning point occurred when she practiced what she talks about with clients letting her subconscious be her guide – What the Mind Believes – The Body Responds to, and out of that came one of the world’s first virtual hypnotherapy practices. But to achieve taking her sessions online presented many challenges. Persistence and focusing on her goal helped immensely.

Now having developed Virtual Hypnotherapy (explore her website by the same name) Sessions online, people from all world are learning how to harness the healing power of their own minds, as mystery surrounding hypnotherapy no longer exists in fact people are far more curious wanting to explore what this exciting approach can do for them.

What Dr Karen has achieved is an excellent example of how businesses can explore new ways to operate and gain more clients.