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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jan 15, 2018

Jennifer Jefferies says one word can change a life, and it did for her.  Preventing Burnout in the Workplace had been the focus for Naturopath and author Jennifer Jefferies for 18 years until one single word changed that.  That one word piqued her curiosity so intensely that at 49 (7 years ago) Jen decided to seriously research the word Crone.

During that research Jen says she was horrified to see pictures and descriptions of old haggard, witchy looking women. These images caused such curiosity that Jen began travelling extensively exploring non-western countries where the 50 plus women, were and are the Crone.

Succinctly described as the wise women, and most respected people in the village, it’s a view that has been lost in the western world, which is why Jen decided to re-define the Crone.

In the western world women over 50 and beyond are not celebrated or respected, rather many become ‘lost souls,’ souls full of wisdom and knowledge that can be and needs to be released.  These women can if they work on 5 key areas of themselves, which Jennifer addresses.

Known as The Present Day Wise Woman, Jen speaks internationally on the topic, helping women "Find their voices, their ultimate health and their "What's Next" in the 2nd and 3rd act of their lives.  You can learn more here:

It’s time for ‘The Present Day Wise Woman’ to blossom, come forth, find their life balance and Jen is certainly leading the way showing women how. Her Motto is “Imagine Thriving instead of just Surviving,” a goal, which every woman can achieve.