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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Feb 22, 2018

Mary Helen Conroy is a Reinvention Life Coach for those in midlife and pre-retirement when many changes occur. Some are not surprising, some are and some you have no idea how to handle.  

Having reinvented herself many times, from a career as a public library administrator and building consultant, a sales executive and adjunct professor in the areas of team and change management. She moved to Madison Wisconsin to create a new life, which she did, then later with a Masters in Library Science and Adult Education at 62 she stepped out of her career and said, “what next”.

How many people ask themselves: What’s Next? The “what next,” became Mary Helen’s company Life’s a Daring Adventure, but not wanting to stay idle she set up a website for Retiree Rebels then went on to write a book for her over 50’s audience.

The ‘Itty Bitty Retirement Book: 15 Essential Tips for the Nearly and Newly Retired ‘ was the result becoming a #1 Amazon Kindle Best Seller.

Regardless what she’s working on, Mary Helen’s goal is to remind herself and those over 50 that life is a daring adventure and they're not done yet! And regardless of the number of candles on your cake, there is always a dream in your heart to discover!