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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jan 22, 2018

Bill Patti, Your Voice Professor, knew early on, that the power of a unique voice on a microphone could deliver.  He grew up listening to AM Radio DJs spinning their mix of cool music and friendly banter.  Bill practiced imitating their techniques and someday he knew he would become a top announcer.  

Fast forward to 1996.  Bill is working at his dream job at a powerhouse station.  He fulfilled his dream.  Then, his life changed.  He turned 50 and was terminated.  Management explained they were changing direction.

As he found his way, Bill discovered his talent was not limited to Radio.  He began a new career as a college professor where he realized the symbolism of merging these two fields…voice and professor into one business. Your Voice Professor was born! This concept of merging different professions can easily be applied to other skills.

Today on his website Your Voice Professor, Bill instructs baby boomer students online worldwide in five carefully planned courses. The goal: To improve a person’s overall communication skills for a better chance at success ... the second even third time around.  Bill says if you develop a voice people remember and speak words with confidence, you have a better chance of reaching and achieving your goals.

Technology over the years has changed, dramatically so, but there’s one area technology cannot mess with, that’s the voice, any voice. When you reach the 50’s or over, there may be a few areas in your voice needing a little work. There are three areas and the rest of his answer is intriguing.

Understanding how the voice can provide a business opportunity particularly for the overs 50’s is discussed and why listening to this podcast is a must for everyone looking to create a new future.