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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Oct 24, 2018

Craig says if you answer yes, then its time to be brutally honest with yourself even seek help as he did despite his amazing earlier business life. With a life of turning points or pivot points, all have been part of his valuable learning journey. From Bank officer, restauranter and business owner, Head of Foreign Exchange and Commodity Trading for a large bank, to an Executive in large Global firm, to now being a happy Business Coach in Perth, Australia As with many in the corporate world they become aware of not being happy, feeling overworked and stressed and no longer fulfilled. These feelings are indicators it’s time to be honest with yourself which Craig did and strongly urges others to do. Yes it’s time to leave, but then what? This often means starting your own small new business with no client base and no staff, which can become a psychological fitness test requiring resilience, research and satisfaction with small gains at first. But it’s worth it, says Craig providing a profound observation along with many other useful positive words and advice throughout this podcast. Craig asks if you feel you’re on a merry go round going nowhere; if you don’t care about yourself and your future; if you’re not moving forward, then take time, review what’s going on and guess what says Craig, join the Club others are in and have been there too. He answers these questions and many more during his engaging conversation. Today Craig helps people create better business outcomes, so they can enjoy life. Of himself he says, “before I had a good job, with lots of pressure and… now I have a life, doing what I love!” What better way to live! You can learn more on his website and special offers.