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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Oct 11, 2018

Dedra Jorden acknowledged being in Corporate America for a long time can take its toll, and it did. As a Human Resources Professional working with employees and management, Dedra was under a tremendous stress at work and found herself exhausted, and sick a lot. Ultimately being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, she realised making major changes in her life became of paramount importance. As Dedra recovered from surgery, she went back to her regular personal hygiene routine with painful allergic reactions occurring quickly to the commercial antiperspirant she used.  Throwing it out she researched natural ingredients and started making and selling her own natural deodorant.  As with many events and difficulties in life, little miracles can occur and they did for Dedra. She always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so the path felt right making natural products, and despite the ups and downs that occur as time goes by ‘good’ things did happen and you can feel strong again. Throughout this podcast Dedra offers several extremely practical tips certainly if you want to start your own business and regardless of your age, 1) start saving towards it if you need to, and make a plan. 2) Buy your equipment piece by piece if you have to.  3) Remember this: if you can see your dream, then you can make it a reality. See it daily in your mind and in colour. Do your research and focus on providing the best service possible.  Go for it!  Take the leap of faith! Dedra is nine years cancer free now, her company is in a high-end mall, she’s genuinely happy and continually feels an immense sense of freedom. To learn more go to