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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Oct 8, 2018

James Drury is powered with energy and creativity and started 3 companies after the age of 50.  Working for a Medical Auction company assisting hospitals disposing of outdated and excess medical equipment, he used his 25 years of Medical Sales to explain to the management of hospitals what equipment had value and what equipment needed to be disposed of.  During that time James obtained his Auctioneer License in Illinois, which propelled him into what he does now.  In the craze of 2000, the Medical Auction Company was sold to a dot-com, and when the crash occurred he was out of a job, but did have his Auctioneer License but and the foresight to obtain his Real Estate Broker license so when the next big crash occurred in 2006 he was able to auction Real Estate.

In Illinois, people who hold a professional license are required to take Continuing Education Classes to keep their license current. James did that but concluded he could teach the class. Within a week he obtained a license to teach Real Estate Continuing Education, a Certificate to teach Continuing Education for Auctioneers then started the first online CE school for Auctioneers with online proctored testing, and was the first to offer this service in the online format.  Thus was founded 6 years ago.  That business morphed into James speaking based on the classes he teaches.  In just 14 months he has written a Children's book, is researching another and does talks throughout the US.  James offered several tips during the podcast with an important one ‘everyone has creativity in them you just need to find a way to unlock it. Explore the right side of your brain engaging in activities that do that. Get out of your routine. Be like James who loves being over 50!