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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Oct 17, 2018

Jeremy Stone said an amazing 7-week creative immersion in New York City gave him the courage to leave a 30+ year corporate career in a global professional services business. Needing to do something very different, Jeremy wanted to put himself out there, to feel, tingle, breathe and this was the catalyst to cause he and his wife to move to NYC and enrol in acting, painting, sketching and yoga classes. They also committed to getting to know one new person for everyday they were there, and were inspired by the stories of so many people, including local ‘creatives’, entrepreneurs and students and those connections are still ‘alive’. The couple lived like locals, explored like tourists and learned with the freedom of 5-year old’s.

The experience tapped into the right side of the brain and was so amazing and beneficial, says Jeremy, which is why he and his wife co-founded Creative Cities 21 with the purpose to help people grow and re-energise through creative escapes in great cities of the world. The experience can unlock a person’s creativity, which is important because creativity has been identified as the third most required skill needed in the world. During this podcast Jeremy talks more about creativity and also mentions several other insightful topics one being wellness travel which is growing at twice the rate of normal travel. With lots of twists, fun, learning and hard work, the couple recently hosted their first group of participants in New York City and the results were remarkable! To find out more go to their website where there’s a 10% discount with Promo Code MPT18   He also established Vaysh, an innovation advisory and investment company that assists organisations to grow by transforming and bringing new ideas to life.