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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Oct 31, 2018

Kerrie Mercel said at 56 she found herself in bed barely able to walk. Diagnosed with an "incurable" autoimmune disease then supplied with enough steroids to take 20 years off her life she spent the last 4 months of 2016 mostly in bed. As a full time, hands on, property developer and renovator she found it impossible to keep working in her business. In the months she spent in and out of bed Kerrie said she had been given at mindset tool by a friend, - called The Sedona Method. This allowed her to let go of old thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The more she let go the better she got and was finally able to start living again. During that time Kerrie created a card and board set called Clarity, which had one missing piece, a releasing tool. Kerri wrote to the Sedona people requesting could she use their technique in her product. They said yes. Clarity allows you to access answers to questions you have hidden inside then using the Sedona Method allows you to release the energy that you’ve been holding on to. This year Clarity was launched and is selling all over the world.

Celebrities have endorsed Clarity and Clarity is sponsoring Kerrie to go to Pattaya in Thailand March 2019 where as a Qualified Chef and Cert 4 trainer she can teach a western cooking program to children who have been sold by their parents into slavery. These children, now adults are full time prostitutes and are regularly beaten, abused and often choose suicide as an escape. If they can learn more skills they can become employable outside of the brothels and bars with the ultimate goal of getting out of a life of being abused. Listen to the podcast as Kerrie has launched a crowd funding campaign and this will help Kerrie help more young women. Learn more here about