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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jul 19, 2018

As a high-powered criminal defence attorney specializing in sex offenses and domestic violence she says her years in the profession aged her especially as not many women are involved in the field. After discovering a brain tumour, she decided to get off the hamster wheel and leave the criminal justice system so she pondered what could she do. The catch cry of so many people in midlife when they decide a new direction is needed.  Wisdom kicked in and she looked at her passions and there was one that stood out – she always loved and was attracted to horses.  She had done numerous years of personal coaching with Personal Success Institute prior to getting certified as an Equine Gestalt Coach, which is why Andrea founded her business Withers Whisper, LLC in 2017. Gestalt means “wholeness”. Starting her new business has been a little bit more of a challenge than starting her law practice.  In the law business people need you they want to stay out of jail.  Her new business is considered a luxury option not a necessity although perhaps many would dispute that.  Andrea is now share with people something that they don’t even realize they need..  This is definitely a situation of they don’t know what they don’t know.  Listen to Andrea describe how she works with a client and one of her several unique healing horses.  You can learn more at her website: The healing power of the horse and the stories Andrea shares is what keeps her going because the combination is so powerful. Through her experience as a criminal defence attorney and now Equine Gestalt Coach Andrea offers three tips for others which you can hear on the podcast, one involves intuition, the other your heart and the third naysayers.