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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jun 18, 2018

Anne McKeown says it’s not an uncommon feeling for stay at home mums, when children become more independent and less needed. Feeling lost, alone and fearful of the future, it’s the plight of many women, especially for those who have not kept up a career, they lack confidence, their self-esteem is dented, and they view themselves as irrelevant in society. That was the case for Ann.  Recognising she was at a turning point in life Anne had a choice to either retire quietly or reclaim her identity.  Meeting with a few ladies for conversation (not gossip) but growth, to help build one another up and deal with these issues, her small group has grown into a gathering of over 400 members in only two years.  Inspired by this response, Anne started her own Life Coaching business incorporating NLP skills, as years ago she worked as a Corporate Coach and as a chaplain in a high school in the UK. Many women, and men too have no idea what to do and Anne suggests look at You Tube, it’s so easy to learn a new skill watching videos. Plus be sure to get involved in something much bigger than yourself.  Sure there have been tears, tantrums and much laughter along the way, especially when dealing with the technology changes; now beyond that Anne is a firm believer life begins at 50 and plans to ‘continue‘ doing for the next 25 years. To learn more go to Anne’s website: Feeling she is privileged to have another ‘go’ at life Anne is happier now than ever because she has a purpose that’s making a positive difference for others plus she’s having fun too! Something all over 50s can do too.