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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

May 21, 2019

BILL said her sage wisdom was that if you’re creating value for others, they will add value to you. This lead Bill to adopt a life philosophy and build a business based on this principle and which he has ultimately proven many times. 

Of course there is more to this little story.  And you can hear it all on this fun podcast I had with Bill.

After working for others — including international clients — he took his years of experience and began to work for his own clients.  “Self-employment” he likes to say, “is an oxymoron.  I can’t afford myself so I must get clients to live the lifestyle of my choice!”  A good sense of humour is characteristic of Bill.   As is a lot of common sense and practical wisdom gleaned from experiences over the course of his sixty plus years on the planet.

Today, he helps coaches, consultants and other advisors to ‘get more clients and earn more money’.  He’s developed two online services — The Client Machine® and The Expert Directory™ that support his clients in realizing this goal. 

Bill is a certified coach and created a unique program: “How To Get More (and, Better!) Clients, ... without losing your soul in the process.  It’s designed for people who seek to convert their competence into compensation.

An ardent supporter of Maturepreneurs, he’s offering you my listeners, the first Module of this program — without charge or obligation — to see if you like it.  If you do, he’s arranged for you to enjoy a 50% reduction in the fee Bill normally charges to take this program.  For more details — and to enjoy his many downloadable informational guides at no cost to you — visit: and be sure to let him know “Diana Todd-Banks sent me!”