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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jan 31, 2019

Brian Connors had been in GM roles for a range on multinational medical device companies across Australia and Asia for three decades, which exposed him to a wide range of products. But in between roles an opportunity popped up, a door opened and being open to new products Brian decided to start a side business with a unique product that prevents Swimmers Ear and ear pain caused by water being trapped in the ear canal.

In his midlife this side business has given him a new lease of life, greater energy and a sense of excitement about the future. Anyone who starts a new venture can realise similar benefits but it takes time and effort but, if you find the right opportunity then it can be a great way to help make the future more financially rewarding, secure and interesting. 

For listeners looking to do doing something new in their midlife or beyond, Brian has some simple tips 1) be prepared to put in the time. If not don’t do it. 2) SEEK out people for advice and help. Ask! It is amazing how people are willing to give their advice over a cup of coffee –there’s a generous spirit of support out there if you ask. People want to see individuals giving it a go succeed! 3) Try new things, learn and improve or move on. No action will suffocate you as business trends swiftly move around and by you if you are not careful. To find out more about Brian and his product range go to his website and look for the special offer Brian has for you and type in the code: TODD30