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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jun 29, 2018

Bron Williams is a creative communicator passionate about helping people reach their full potential by tapping into the resources of their past. With over 3 decades of experience in the education, in her early 50’s she left her husband and joined the Salvation Army, got an honors degree in theology, ran a church and worked with asylum seekers on Nauru for a long time. Later after turning 60, now was the time to take her wisdom and experience and share it as a speaker and coach through Backstory Consultancy. It can be tempting to want to lock the past away, says Bron, yet the past is really a treasure trove of power and resources just waiting to be tapped into which she first discovered when confronted by some of the unconscious factors driving her life - her latent racism and unacknowledged white privilege that emerged when working with asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru. These insights enabled her to work through her own backstory of domestic abuse enabled her to bring clarity, power and focus to helping people understand how their backstory impacts their lives and how they can turn it into a real superpower for the future. To learn more google Bron Williams name. Bron says her superpower is courage and offers 3 tips for others 1) Keep smiling – it makes you and the world look good. 2) Trust your intuitive genius – you have everything within you to succeed. 3) Stay and be open to new people and opportunities. Whether it is on a personal level or in a business setting, unconscious factors drive us and influence decision-making. Tapping into these backstories opens up new potential both individually and corporately. You can be powered by the past!