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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jul 27, 2018

David talks about his own depression, his own healing, and how he has helped thousands around the world. How he came to achieve that is an amazing story of discovery, persistence, ... and much more. David answers a lot of questions in this podcast even those quizzed by the host.  What makes his story, his healing, and his work different is that he was part of this 40 million group of individuals struggling, for years, without understanding why. Despite his success in 1990 everything came crashing down he was living directly on the beach, doing the work he loved, and yet he became suicidal. For many people as with David, asking for help with their depression and anxiety was out of the question. After all, they were or are super successful, doing the work they love… they couldn’t ask for help. Since those days, it’s important to understand for years now David has garnered huge acclaim and credentials verifying his knowledge in the field – he’s even viewed as one of the top Counsellors and Life Coaches in the USA. Contrary to many professional’s beliefs, he firmly believes the environment has a lot to do with anxiety and depression. Sure, there are some people who have a serious bipolar disorder that he and his for which his researchers could find a very strong genetic link. But for the rest of us he doesn't believe it’s true and explains why. This is a long podcast with lots of lively highly informative discussion. You can learn lots more here: and his Blog and You Tube Channel both in his name. Plus read one of David’s many books:  Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life But This Book Will: The Myth of Positive Thinking, the Reality of Success.