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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Feb 10, 2019

Dawn James worked 72 hours a week, and had a soaring career yet her family life, and relationships were crumbling around her. As a former Finance/I.T. exec she missed many family dinners, sporting events and school plays - memories she can never recapture. But a life-changing event brought her career to a screeching halt!  After her wake-up call of not eating literally for 3 months, and the health results that ensued, she stopped living in her head and started living in her heart, advice that Dawn now offers others.  Quitting her corporate job, she spent 18 months of intense soul searching. But how did she do that what was she looking for? Listen to her answers during this podcast. They’re interesting.

During the empty nest phase, Dawn and her husband began to travel to far away countries. One destination they both fell in love with was Costa Rica. They returned home and immediately set a plan in motion to do what they love and love what they do. They decided to combine their talents and passions to create Be Fit Be Well Retreats. This dynamic boomer duo, her husband a former 3x Canadian Olympian, and Dawn who became a wellness practitioner, host retreats related to fitness, and doing this in the breath-taking Pacific region of Costa Rica where the mountains kiss the Ocean. They found their joy!

Today as an author and speaker, Dawn has enjoyed travelling to 4 continents, teaching others how to live more consciously and in harmony with the planet, themselves and each other. Learn more on their website:   Dawn says her "Raise the Vibration' Trilogy was released January 2019; her newest book ‘Raise the Vibration Between Us’ is translated in several languages.