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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jun 25, 2018

Hans Schwedler is extremely focused on Health and Wellness and although seriously cynical he was keen to find out about the health benefits of Laughter. So he trotted off to a Laughter Demonstration at a large Health Expo, and it wasn’t too long before he ended up on stage laughing his head off completely convinced about the techniques demonstrated. Hans said what he discovered was this form of laughter club is vastly different from the laughter clubs that existed some years ago. This originated in Mumbia, India, as a result he participated in a Laughter Leader training course then started community based Laughter Clubs, where many people have since benefited. But given his earlier training in mental health and wellbeing he decided to donate his time to Aged Care Homes, Retiree Villages, Corporate Organisations and Community Service Organisations like Probus to promote the values of Laughter. Patients and staff at Aged Care Homes derive enormous benefits particularly in mental health, but so does the community at large since mental health is such a huge issue. Laughter sessions consist of gentle exercises with laughter, it’s the universal language, as it knows no culture, gender or race, and brings people together (social bonding), relaxes tenses situations and enables total engagement. Laughter sessions also consist of deep breathing, which helps to release the stress in the body, plus visualisation, music and meditation, which have similar effects on the brain. Go to for more information. There are other benefits as well, listen to this podcast to learn more certainly with Pain Management and with special training for corporations where resilience, teamwork, improving company culture and customer service is always a goal.