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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jun 20, 2018

JULIAN MATHER says the day the school system taught conventional career planning he missed it. In fact the school system must have recognised Julian was a chronic truant. As his life progressed he self-educated reading between the lines of books to find secrets to turning his obsession into his profession. From high school failure to Army sniper to globe trotting TV cameraman to professional magician to accidental You Tube personality to online entrepreneur he hasn’t felt he’s worked a day in his life. Now at 57 Julian says he’s just beginning. His pivotal moment was in the UK at the same school celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay went. It’s a tough school with tough problems and Julian was filming a documentary for Australian TV, in which an inspiring policeman was talking to a tough bunch of fifteen year olds about the dangers of aerosol sniffing. Their bravado melted they were inspired. When three boys left, silently they removed aerosol cans from their bags and left them on the teacher’s desk. Something went off in Julian’s head. He had just witnessed the power of direct action. One policeman standing in front of thirty boys achieved more in thirty minutes, than million dollar government programs, which Julian had covered. That experience led him to walk away from his TV career at the top of his game to take a program into schools to teach children. Teaching skills like philanthropy, becoming a magician, to creating the world’s first online training academy for professional children’s entertainers and now speaking and writing on Courage. In this podcast Julian presents some profound tips to find a new skill, ones that can easily be learned at no cost. To learn more about Julian visit his website