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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 28, 2019

Kelly said writing a book had been on her bucket list since she was 22, but she says it’s a ton of work!

And it wasn’t surprising she spent the next 8-10 years finding excuses as family and business excuses kept her from writing her ‘special and unique’ book.

Years later her excuses dissipated and the opportunity to finish her book came to be. Kelly’s book can best be described as biblical, historical, a thriller, fiction, a novel, encompassing the super natural called, ‘Over My Dead Body: A Super Natural Novel’. Little wonder it took so long to finish however what Kelly has achieved is proof that if you have a strong desire to do something it’s never to late to start. Going beyond that in two years she has brought four new products to market including an eBook, paperback, hardback, and audiobook all on ‘Over My Dead Body’. Now in her 50's, Kelly says calls herself a novelist. It's been a wild ride, but it's not over yet, as a biblical concepts companion guide for the novel is due out in May 2019; and later a screenplay plus a second novel in the series. Thrilled her book has achieved great success hitting #1 bestseller in Biblical Fiction in three categories on Amazon, her children’s book has hit #1 in 2 categories on Amazon.