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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Feb 14, 2019

Kelly says In 2008 when the housing market imploded her husband’s livelihood as a general contractor went up in flames and suddenly she and her husband in their 50’s were facing some tough decisions.  Her husband had always been involved with cattle part-time but never as a sole source of income. Faced with few options they decided to start raising cattle full-time and training horses as their main source of income. For Kelly most of her life was spent in the food business; distribution and working with restaurants and chefs now she was coming full circle as an actual producer. While this was all old hat for her husband it was a radical shift for Kelly but she was in good shape and open-minded which is what everyone in their 50’s needs to do to create a new life. 

Building a barbed wire fence was tough, even the full 30 miles of it, ride working cow horses, doctoring cattle and running the business were too but her quiet desire to write a book, her memoir came to fruition - ‘The Princess Rancher’, was picked up by a publisher and her dream of being an author came to fruition.  The story chronicles the tough reality of starting over in your 50’s and what it was like for her to go from a cushy, easy existence into the hardworking world of a rancher, typically a man’s world. As a result of her total change Kelly developed “How to Change your Life” which you can find on her website During this podcast Kelly offers numerous excellent tips for anyone wanting to identify what they can do going forward and the most important being, ‘be kind to yourself’ during your period of change.