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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 18, 2019

Lana Nelson’s life traumas ultimately became gifts even despite being injured in a nasty car accident causing years of chronic pain. She knew she would be the sole financial supporter of her young children. Having previous experience in the field she started her own dental lab business and 4 years later bought a home, a new van and able took her children on vacation. Plus she had become a noted expert in the cutting-edge field of dental implants.

But after 5 years of continued headaches and pain she saw a Chiropractor and continued trying new things - juicing, massage and yoga, all considered “weird” at the time.  She kept thinking and saying, “I should marry a Chiropractor. I’m seeing one 3 times a week!” Yes “The universe was listening.” Lana met her future husband on a blind date. He specialized in treating pain and with his treatments Lana was pain-free in 2 weeks!  He healed her body and her heart.  They married and combined two families and were called “The Brady Bunch times two!”

Over the next several years Lana created a Food program that helped her husbands chronically ill patients heal with food, and also opened a health food store. Sadly her husband had a massive brain aneurysm, which changed their lives forever. Miraculously he survived and Lana became his caretaker and financial supporter. Over the last 4 years Lana has found her grit and experiences from her 30’s have kept her going. Having written and published a book, Lana teaches anyone how to eat what their body really wants and needs; as well, she teaches her method to clients from 6 of the 7 continents worldwide.  Go to her website for more: “The Food Codes, Intuitive Eating for Every Body.”