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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jul 21, 2018

Lorraine Reguly deserves all the success that comes her way, because as a fourteen-year-old virgin she was raped, quit school and turned to drugs and prostitution for solace. How do you turn your life around from all that at such a young age? Showing her fortitude she went back to school and with great zeal approached many other positive tasks successfully, which Lorraine describes during her conversation with Host Diana Todd-Banks. But the wrong side of life stepped in again and because the money was better the young woman who changed her life returned to prostitution and drugs. Adopting that approach ruined her self-esteem, which resulted in an accident where she nearly lost her right leg. The resulting scar and deformity to her leg contributed to not only furthering deepening depression along with a continuing feeling to commit suicide, adding to that downward spiral her son moved out not happy with his Mother. It’s often said in this loose phrase, one needs a ‘bigger thump in life’ before taking serious notice of yourself.  Turning to crack for help, a nasty different hurdle occurred that produced a massive insight - Lorraine realized she didn't want to die without saying "good-bye" to her son.  Re-uniting with her son changed her life in a positive way, she pursued a writing career, is an author and wrote from ‘Nope to Hope’, owns her business, Wording Well and is living proof it’s never to late to change. Lorraine says she lives a clean life and has done so for years spending a lot of time helping others. Her son is proud of her again too. Using Positive Affirmations has helped her immensely. Go to Lorraine’s website and you’ll find a free chapter on affirmations.