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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 26, 2017

Phil De Luca asks How can communication approaches decrease or increase inflammation of the body as well as the mind? That’s a curious question and one that you wouldn’t necessarily consider.  How do you teach people to stop talking in order to communicate better, heal their relationships and even their health?

Phil Deluca does just that and discusses in part why he does this, and how in fact what caused him to become interested in this process.

Known as the Un-TalkTM Therapist and Un-TherapyTM, Phil first became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Providing psychotherapy over 40 years ago, he quickly realized that the ‘Express Yourself” communication approaches were creating more, than less conflict.

As a result, he dedicated himself to finding out why emotional catharsis efforts weren’t working. Along with his multi-decade journey, he turned to the latest body and brain science to upgrade the outdated ‘Express Yourself,” the feelings model that was developed in the 60’s. He became his own guinea pig and eventually, a successful case study.

Phil had health problems and in looking for a cure he discovered that inflammation was at the root of all disease.  He then saw how the ‘Express yourself” communication approaches, which are accepted as “settled science”, actually increases inflammation of the body as well as the mind.  What he learned was that unfiltered communication was pushing couples into the “Dead Zone” – the place where there is no caring left in their relationship. So he developed an alternative communication approach that teaches people how to not talk about their problems when they are upset.  His approach is easy to understand, implement and brings immediate improvement in people’s communication, relationship and even their health.