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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Dec 21, 2017

Nancy Virden is an author, Mental Health and Recovery Advocate, and Founder of Always the Fight Ministries. As a survivor of major depression and attempted suicide, Nancy knows that anyone who struggles with past or current hurts can learn to thrive. She did and in this podcast she shares what worked for her to gain and maintain a mindset of hope to helping others.

Dynamic and honest, her three books in which are stories told as only one who has been there can. The author and advocate offers compassionate love for those fighting mental illness, addiction, and abuse which is so prevalent in society.

The message is simple, says Nancy there are no pat answers.  No quick fixes.  No judgment.  Instead, she says whether one's fight is mental illness, abuse, or another human difficulty, it is definitely possible to have a new fulfilling life free from the shackles of the past. It is very clear Nancy brings compassion, relatable insights, and practical ideas to this sad topic but she shines when discussing the solutions which are clearly possible to achieve.    

There’s another aspect to all this and that is those who support loved ones suffer with depression, they certainly are in need which is why Nancy offers practical and immediately applicable guidance.  Family members, friends, and others will learn how to help effectively without becoming overwhelmed in the process. 

You can go here to learn more  Explore the Compassionate Love Blog; use pages of references and articles for depression, abuse, and addiction; and download Nancy's books; and more.