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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Jul 12, 2018

Michelle Beber’s own personal experience with After Death Communications was foreign to her. Nearing 50, an emotional breakdown put her on a path of spiritual awakening starting with her life-changing after-death communication or ADC from her mom. ADC is a direct and spontaneous communication from a deceased loved one, importantly without the use of a medium.  Researching signs from deceased loved ones Michelle discovered the book, Hello From Heaven, which helped her to understand how we remain connected to those who have died. As Michelle discovered there are different forms of communication, which can appear in different ways, explaining this during the podcast. ADC is not strange it is a real experience. By now with her experiences and research, Michelle went on to write her first manuscript entitled My Mommy Is a Butterfly, a picture book to help children cope with grief. But the universe blocked her path to publishing it for several years and for reasons unknown to her. During those years, she developed a strong connection to the angelic realm and wrote the poetry for Angels, Angels, Everywhere and in 2014 published the book, which became an award winner. Now in 2018, at 62, Michelle’s first manuscript My Mommy Is a Butterfly will be released in late August! For more about Michelle go to her website

Toward the end of the Podcast Michelle offers 4 tips for listeners: By asking the angels for help this can dramatically improve your life and lead you to your life purpose.  Open your heart and mind to afterdeath communications, and this will prove that your loved ones are always with you.  Never let your age stand in the way of your dreams!  Open your heart, listen to your soul, and be your unique self!