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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

May 1, 2019

Neville says the question: ‘What can I do for the rest of my life,’ is a question he toyed with long ago, and knows that the dilemma is a common feeling for many midlifers. Having helped hundreds of businesses he knows if a person is good at something they can build a business and have a life too. The big starting tip is to list your skills, what you’re passionate about and somewhere in those two lists there’ll be a sweet spot.  Next step is to find a market where people will pay you. 

All that sounds very easy, but listen to this podcast and you’ll hear Neville discuss the 6 questions for which you need to find answers, as well he suggests be sure to do something valuable and to also feel valued.

Growing up in South Africa Neville trained as a software developer in the good old days when computers still had floppy drives. He spent time travelling running businesses for others, then, back in Canada he started consulting on his own and came to realise how difficult it still is to build a business. There’s lots of hype around but building a business it’s still too difficult and too many entrepreneurs struggle, often giving up their lives in the process. Helping entrepreneurs build a better business faster, Neville found that led to the development of the Tornado Method - a framework for building and growing a business, and uses that Method now as the central framework around which he builds more guides and courses to help entrepreneurs get more successful faster - and still have a life. Learn more about Neville and his ‘Tornado Method’ at his website where you can get a free download ‘Beginner’s Guide to the Tornado Method ‘.