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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 31, 2019

Pat Porrey and her sister Pam did that and have made a huge difference in the lives of new Mums and their newborn babies coming home from hospital. On reflection it was a huge difference after spending 30 years at a great job with a major corporation, but Pat decided she needed to try something new.

Despite having great job, a safe pension and a great predictable life she knew there was more to life for her but what? She was told to create multiple streams of income and was doing that, then 2008-2009 hit. Nothing prepared her for that perfect storm of the financial, real estate and business world collapsing ... her world. Many wondered what next? Some wallowed in their woes while others were proactive like Pat and her sister Pam who created a much-needed new business - Sweet Dreams Infant Care - see their .com website in the same name. Pam, an RN, saw staff reductions and shorter hospital stays causing many new moms to not get the training or assistance they needed before leaving hospital with their newborn(s). Pam went home with the mums to help educate, support the parents, build their confidence and help them get the rest they needed.

The two sisters created a Baby Nurse agency and along with ‘Sweet Dreams’ it just took five years to hit their first million-dollar year. Five years later they completed their dream of writing a book, due out in May, titled Raising Confident Parents - go to their .com website now to download the book.

Listen to Pat provide some wise advice about what to do next in your life – she didn’t start the business until her mid 50’s and now she feels younger, more vibrant and says everyone needs to have a purpose in life.