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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Feb 11, 2019

Patricia Mitchell says at the age of 24 she actually heard a voice say to her “Patricia you don’t have to be poor you can have wealth” despite being months late on rent. As years passed she talks how this power within her has allowed her to teach about creating wealth. During this podcast Patricia offers several practical tips how to identify steps to find your next life chapter.  Now in 2019 Patricia considers herself an expert in acumulating wealth, yet she sees many people needing money but which is the easiest thing to manifest.  Having written a course called “Tap the power within” Patricia is now completing a book on the same subject.  How did she get to this stage - listen to this podcast to find out more.

Before starting on her current journey, Patricia owned a non-medical home care agency but went back to school in her fifties and is now completing her Doctoral in Organizational Leadership. This go-getter says we need to know the truth about who we really are to begin to live our best life. Soon Patricia will be 65 yet she has never focused on her age. Age, she said is just a number and the best asset we all have in this new life chapter is knowledge, which we can readily utilize as we are never too old to learn. This is a time when you can all truly feel empowered. There is an old saying the truth will set you free and Patricia feels since the truth has been revealed to her, now she shares how with others. You can learn more at Patricia’s website plus receive a Free download MP4. Go to - there’s a ½ off course until March 20, 2019 Use Code 2025.