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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Aug 17, 2019

Selina Maitreya’s recovery was miraculous but her earlier life of deep spiritual connection enabled that to occur. A powerful true-life story, it is longer than the usual MPT podcasts but is worth every second of your attention.

Selina recounts her life at 58 prior to July 2013 and says after selling her home she was looking forward to the next phase of her life. The details she mentions are important. Two days before closing on her house she was driving to clean the house when a woman driving a van at 70 miles an hour ran a red light and plowed into the drivers car door, Selina’s side. After the jaws-of-life freed Selina from her car, her life took a big turn. No one was able to tell her when or how her recovery would progress except one medical doctor did say it will, ... ‘take a tincture of time’! That was the start of the most amazing 6 year odyssey. Unable to perform even the smallest tasks, Selina needed to surrendered to ‘her state’, and learned how to use that and this difficulty as a tool to go to peace.’

Today having made a complete recovery, Selina shares this: ‘How to transform any daily difficulty, even tragedy, into peace.  It’s a direct result of the last 6 years of learning how to respond to great difficulty from the grace we all have access to. Most over 50s, 60’s plus have or may have had physical and situational life delays and interruptions. In this podcast you’ll hear Selina describe difficulties or strong emotions as ‘alarm clocks’ and how to deal with them. Visit and on the landing page you will find your Gift From Selina: Your New Tools For A Peaceful Life!