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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 24, 2018

As an animator, award-winning director, teacher and author Tony White reached the age of 70 and decided to take the skills he accumulated for decades in the animation industry and focus on another love - astrology! But this is not the standard 'prediction', 'fortune-telling,' 'Star Sign' kind of astrology but a deep, transformative, life-changing kind of serious astrology that doesn't normally get mentioned let alone discussed. Life takes twists and turns and for Tony a remarkable Irish herbalist/astrologer, who basically healed his mother when all the doctors and hospitals had given up on her, sparked his intense interest. The man saved her life, her recovery was miraculous, as the Herbalist used astrology to diagnose, treat and counsel his Mother through her healing process. That incited Tony’s curiosity and desire to learn this form of astrology, and for several years so he studied with the Irish herbalist/astrologer. Years later fearing ridicule this animator hid his interest from everyone in the animation industry but arriving at the age of 70, Tony decided to come out of the astrological closet and share his stories, knowledge and experiences with the world, creating a number of initiatives. Listen to the two podcasts for the addresses plus much more on this fascinating discussion. Tony acknowledges there are people who just walk away, turn off, are not interested in the words and thoughts he writes and talks about but he asks – do you have a short time to read and learn something real and true? LISTEN TO Part II of this interview for a more expanded discussion on the serious aspect of astrology.