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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Sep 24, 2018

Brandon Peele knows the hard way, the wonderful way, how life can change dramatically for the better if you work at it. He knows the pain of spending a quarter-century living someone else's life, which ultimately drove him to drugs, drink and prison. Therapy and a lot of searching and learning enabled him to find a connection to his purpose but as he says none gave him the bone-rattling clarity nor the grit to be unstoppable. He still had something he needed to discover which he did then his life certainly changed Finding his purpose Brandon helps individuals and organizations discover their higher purpose creating breakthrough results.  Since 2012, he’s guided over 2,000 people from 50+ countries with his work having been featured in major international print and electronic media outlets as well as major international organisations. Brandon’s continuing goal is to create a culture and political economy that empowers every human to discover their purpose, have a career that expresses it, and be well compensated. We live in an interconnected reality.  We are all that is, was and will be. Yet, by and large, humanity is suffering not living up to its full potential.  Brandon feels although our culture and political economy are driven by unexamined default purposes we are still embracing the purpose revolution.​ To learn more go to