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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 25, 2020

Not Carol, instead she became a victor with a determination to succeed.  

In her early sixties, Carol had the opportunity to recoup serious financial losses. Life gave her a second chance.

Carol wrote her memoir, Battered Hope, as a message of hope and never ever giving up. This pole-vaulted her career, despite the tough life experiences of being gang-raped and left for dead, losing a child, husband being falsely imprisoned, and a cancer diagnosis these could have driven Carol into victim mode, but she became a victor with a determination to succeed and she has.  

During this podcast conversation Carol offers a lot of suggestions and advice for listeners certainly if they or others they know are suffering and ready to give up. Carol’s personal experiences are of enormous help.

Today in her seventies, Carol is living her dream as an author, an international speaker, and a talk show host of Never Ever Give Up Hope. As owner of two jewellery stores, three online stores, a health coaching business, writing for numerous publications, caring for her disabled husband and rescuing dogs (over 30 to date), Carol says her life is just beginning.

What’s her message?

Carol chose to start over and has helped many others be encouraged and challenged to never ever give up hope. She had and has much to offer and found a way to give it away. Today she continues that mission.  To learn more go