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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

May 29, 2018

Carolyn CJ Jones’ passion now is a speaker and life coach yet that happened quite by accident. Yes it is totally possible to make a 180-degree life change, even though you didn’t set out to do that. She had a publishing business that was not doing well and wanting to rejuvenate that she attended an event, “Rejuvenate Your Practice,” in 2012. The event was for healers, coaches, and speakers, and by the end of the weekend, it was clear to CJ she needed to speak and coach about how to gain peace and freedom from resentment by using forgiveness which applied to herself as well as those attending.  That entire experience freed Carolyn who in time felt called to share what she discovered, but how?  Carolyn did what she knew well, and went on to self-publish what became the multi-award-winning verse/photograph book, “Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing.” It’s a compilation of wrought iron gate images she photographed then wrote inspirational verses to accompany each image. It’s a tribute to the beauty and resiliency of the human spirit. In 2017, CJ created the “Y.I.P.P.E.E. Method” of healing, which by using it to guide people, she presented this program also to the men incarcerated in San Quentin State Prison who were enrolled in their Re-entry Empowerment Program. Several of them told her they forgave their abusive parents. Currently, CJ works with seniors who are struggling with resentment, so they can pass in peace. Frequently, the adult children also have resentment, either against their parent the senior, or another sibling; she works with them as well. CJ presents workshops and conducts private, one-on-one coaching sessions. To learn more about CJ’s programs, go to her website