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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

May 19, 2018

Craig Wolfe says with age he got inspired to do something a bit crazy, in a whole new industry no less and create a line of celebrity rubber ducks! Despite creating advertising/animation art lines for Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Bush, M&M/Mars, Nike, which was fun, he had no idea what he was getting into as he figured it could not be that hard to make a rubber duck, WRONG! Listen as this podcast is full of energy as Craig describes his goal was the hardest things ever did, but doing it in a country thousands of miles away with people he did not know. He kept tweaking the concept by creating intricate detail with the celebrity rubber ducks, in a way that had not been done before, plus he took care to produce ‘responsible’ ducks using paints that were not toxic. The hardest part of Craig’s duck trip was bringing part of the manufacturing back to the USA where the rubber duck was invented but also where industry, skills and jobs had been lost. At the beginning, the project seemed destined to fail. Listen to Craig offering ten tips for entrepreneurs who are generally creating something no one has envisioned before. Why? Following them sets you apart in your niche. Craig has turned his earlier totally crazy idea into being considered, the top custom duck manufacturer in the world doing them for everyone from Harley-Davidson to Amazon to SeaWorld, Australian Rugby Union and of course celebrities! See his website This inspiring creator believes business is about having ethical principles that revolve around using money and business to make a difference in the world to benefit others.  It’s wonderful to do what you love, it makes every day fun and fulfilling and it also gives you great purpose.