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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Mar 29, 2018

As a veterinarian, Dr Gelderman’s journey started with his clients and team telling him was an atrocious communicator and now he teaches others how to improve their influence and impact by mastering the art of communication.  What did he do to transform himself? The criticism Dr Gelderman received didn’t sit well and this became the catalyst to immerse himself in studying the science of communication and non-verbal communication. Doing so enabled Diederik to turn his practice into a highly successful business winning two major awards. He went on to train other veterinarians how to build successful practices, including overseas. Keen to study more about non-verbal language, a strong form of communication he became one of two certified body language trainers in Australia and the only Big 5 certified personality trainer.

Launching Body Language Australia (with a website of the same name) he now works with individuals, small and large organisations and groups who want to improve their impact and their influence. In this Podcast Dr Gelderman offers practical tips to easily implement two being with the hands, but there are numerous insights into body language since 60% of our communication occurs is non-verbal. Whenever we ‘pitch’ ourselves for a date, to a friend, to a bank or other organisation, for a job, to our kids, the biggest difference between success and failure comes from the non-verbal, which is a skill that’s easily learned. His website has numerous free videos. There’s much more in this podcast which is a must listen, because it’s a powerful example of turning a distressing negative into a powerful positive.