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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Nov 26, 2018

Dr Rosemary McCallum is a great believer in ‘The Powerful Impact of Emotional Intelligence.’

But that wasn’t always so. Life presented a major challenge for she and her husband who had a defaulting client, the result of which caused them to not only lose their successful design business, but their life to fall apart, as they lost everything. Refusing to go bankrupt life spiralled out of control, Rosemary suffered severe manic depression, and it took years for them to get back on their feet through the ‘gift’ their life challenge presented.

Rosemary quotes, “Life presents us gifts that when taken up can stretch us and help us find the courage to be the truth of ourselves.” Acknowledging this well-known phrase she said that is exactly what losing everything did for her. You never know where a life challenge will take you and for Rosemary it sent her to study Behavioural science. Once finished she felt intellectually informed but emotionally empty, there was something missing, a lynch key that held it all together. Always loving great minds Rosemary remembered Einstein’s referral to metaphysics, so she studied that too, and it changed her world profoundly, later revolutionizing her practice and the lives of her clients. Why? Discovering the power of harnessing emotions, using them to bring meaning to what they did rather than looking for meaning in what they were doing. This formula helped Rosemary deal with the tragic loss of her two children and gave her fire to build a 6-figure business.  Learn more here:

Dr Rosemary is passionate about activating the exceptional in people so they can have a life of choice expanding the vision of businesses, and to help re-instate the passion and drive they had in the beginning. It’s an exciting positive process!