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Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks

Apr 4, 2020

As the Relationship & Sensuality Sage, mother of 3, Foxxy worked as a professional exotic dancer for 17 years, gamely sticking with it until the age of 51, before quitting to pursue her new venture.

She saw many women who were curious about their sensuality and have greater confidence in themselves, have a desire to have a voice. From this, she felt the calling to take her life experience and background of struggle overcoming abuse as a child, extreme shyness, a very strict religious up-bringing, and feeling guilt and shame over her controversial job, to help others.

Foxxy understood from a young age, that movement is the quickest and most effective way to tap into your body’s wisdom and stay young.  She realised by not processing and integrating unfelt (hurts and traumas) emotions mean they stay in your body and show up as aches, pain and dis-ease. She found the book, ‘The Secret Language of Your Body’ by Inna Segal to be a great resource on her healing journey.

Foxxy took her extensive research and study into personal development, spirituality, energy-work and how the mind works into creating her uniquely developed ‘Senserotic’ therapy. 

She loves to create playful, experiential and powerfully transformational experiences, helping women to break the cycle of being shut-down, repressed and conditioned, so they give themselves total permission to reclaim their true essence and quickly create the life and relationships they deserve.

Known for her signature program – The 9 Archetypes (Expressions) To Unmask Your True Essence Foxxy also facilitates online personal sessions, courses and runs live workshops and retreats.

As an Intuitive Facilitator, Master Results Coach, NLP & Hypnosis Trainer, Energy Healer, Author, Speaker and Artistic Creator, does have a free offer for listeners. Webinar  -